Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy Thanksgiving

what are you thankful for?

now think about what an orphan has to be thankful for. good food and plenty of it? nope. loving family? nope. warm and nice clothes? nope.

Can you sit at your feast this afternoon, surrounded by your family, all dressed up and warm, and forget that there are so many children without all of that? No feast, maybe some thin broth. no family to spend the day with. its just another day for them. wake up, no one loves them. go through the day, no one loves them. go to bed, no one loves them. Cant you please donate a few dollars this thanksgiving to help an orphan find a home? All proceeds go DIRECTLY to

Reecesrainbow helps find homes for the children who are least likely to be adopted. They have downs syndrome or other special needs and face a future locked away in an institution never to know the love of a family. Wont you help a child find a home? Many people are willing to take in another child but cant afford the cost of international adoption. if everyone put in a dollar or two we could come up with enough money to help someone adopt a child who would likely go without a family forever. we could save the life of a child. once they go into an institution they will stay there until they die. can you look at your pie this afternoon and let a child die?

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