Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Imagine if you can

you are with your family. you are happy. or at the very least familiar. then all of a sudden you no longer have family, you are in a children's home. you do not see your Mama or Papa anymore. You dont know where they went or if they are coming back. You are scared. You now live with 10-20 other children with rotating caregivers. You never know what they expect of you. What makes one happy makes another angry. You really just wish you could go home. but your Mama doesnt come back. Maybe she is sick and died. Maybe she was neglectful and social services said she couldnt be your parent. You are a child though and no one tells you these things. You miss your siblings. your favorite dress. Your friends from school. now everything has changed. Many children withdraw as the pain is too much to bear. some children are able to cope better than others with this change. Now imagine after a long time of this life in an orphanage someone comes and visits you. they are kind and speak nice words to you. they want to be your Mama and Papa. They want you to be their special girl or special boy. Many families would willingly and capably take on another child but they just cant afford the adoption process and travel. Please make a difference in a child's life and donate to Reeces Rainbow other angels. all monies donated go directly to Reeces Rainbow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

check back here for a giveaway

I will post a picture of some surprise something soon. Anyone who donates to Reeces Rainbow via the chip in on this site and leaves a note that they donated will get 1 chance to win for every dollar donated. SO come back soon and see what surprises I can come up with to raise some much needed dollars for some desperate children!

more children without Mamas of their own

cant you help to give a child a home with a family who would love them? Please donate to reeces Rainbow older kids. Doesnt every child deserve a home and family? Doesnt every kid deserve to be the center of SOMEONE'S world?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

it's nighttime somewhere in the world

imagine you go to sleep at night and no one is cuddling you but they just stay there in the building to make sure nothing happens. The other kids can get up at night. you might wet the bed and get in a lot of trouble, they might hit you for that. when the shadows get scary and you are afraid you have no one to cry to. no one to make it better. help us to help those left behind. all donations go directly to Reeces Rainbow to create a grant for older children to be adopted. Every penny helps. Will you give 1 dollar? Can you give more? Can we hide our heads and pretend this doesnt exist? will you even miss your one dollar? your dollars can make the difference in a child's life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

a little face to motivate you

this adorable little girl will soon to go an institution. can you help her to find a family of her own?

Friday, October 15, 2010


you wake up in the morning and someone is there but they dont really care if you get dressed or not. If you cant dress yourself you probably wont get dressed today. If you cry your cries will probably go unanswered. if you are hungry you will stay hungry until someone else decides you may eat. Then someone else is there and the other person is gone. no one cuddles you or tells you how wonderful you are. you lay in your crib or bed with no one paying any attention to you. no one plays with you. when its night someone else is there but they dont talk to you so it doesnt matter who they are. whrn its dark and scary no one comes when you cry. no one cares. no one loves you. tomorrow it will be much the same. and every day after that until you die. there is no way out for you.

this is what your life might be like as an older child institutionalised because of your differences. maybe you have a hand that doesnt work like other kids. maybe you cant walk but your brain works just fine. there are many kids who would thrive and blossom in a family but are locked away in institutions because they are different and no one wants them and there is no place for them in their home country. Can you donate even one dollar to help save a child from life in a place like this?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

For those left behind

We have adopted six kids from Ukraine. We saw so many wonderful children just wishing they had a family of their own. With 10 children at home now we can not even think about adopting another. But yet these children wait. I would like to raise funds for the older children with special needs. They are often the last to be chosen, or not chosen at all and many are in institutions or will be soon. ALL of the children who go to the institution die there if they are not adopted. it may be a month a year or 10 years but they will die never knowing the love of a family. Why doesnt somebody do something? YOU are somebody. If you are reading this you could help save a child's life. Donate via my chip in that will go directly to Reeces Rainbow, a group that helps to find homes for the children that are the least appealing to adopters. Your money will give a child a chance to know the love of a family, a chance at a future, and best of all a life filled with love. Be that somebody. give a child a chance. can you bury your head and pretend not to know that these children will DIE if they are not adopted?