Thursday, October 14, 2010

For those left behind

We have adopted six kids from Ukraine. We saw so many wonderful children just wishing they had a family of their own. With 10 children at home now we can not even think about adopting another. But yet these children wait. I would like to raise funds for the older children with special needs. They are often the last to be chosen, or not chosen at all and many are in institutions or will be soon. ALL of the children who go to the institution die there if they are not adopted. it may be a month a year or 10 years but they will die never knowing the love of a family. Why doesnt somebody do something? YOU are somebody. If you are reading this you could help save a child's life. Donate via my chip in that will go directly to Reeces Rainbow, a group that helps to find homes for the children that are the least appealing to adopters. Your money will give a child a chance to know the love of a family, a chance at a future, and best of all a life filled with love. Be that somebody. give a child a chance. can you bury your head and pretend not to know that these children will DIE if they are not adopted?


  1. Hey!! How are you!? I was wondering where you wanted this money to go - to the older children's grant funds?


  2. yes yes older kids grant fund.