Friday, October 15, 2010


you wake up in the morning and someone is there but they dont really care if you get dressed or not. If you cant dress yourself you probably wont get dressed today. If you cry your cries will probably go unanswered. if you are hungry you will stay hungry until someone else decides you may eat. Then someone else is there and the other person is gone. no one cuddles you or tells you how wonderful you are. you lay in your crib or bed with no one paying any attention to you. no one plays with you. when its night someone else is there but they dont talk to you so it doesnt matter who they are. whrn its dark and scary no one comes when you cry. no one cares. no one loves you. tomorrow it will be much the same. and every day after that until you die. there is no way out for you.

this is what your life might be like as an older child institutionalised because of your differences. maybe you have a hand that doesnt work like other kids. maybe you cant walk but your brain works just fine. there are many kids who would thrive and blossom in a family but are locked away in institutions because they are different and no one wants them and there is no place for them in their home country. Can you donate even one dollar to help save a child from life in a place like this?

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