Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Imagine if you can

you are with your family. you are happy. or at the very least familiar. then all of a sudden you no longer have family, you are in a children's home. you do not see your Mama or Papa anymore. You dont know where they went or if they are coming back. You are scared. You now live with 10-20 other children with rotating caregivers. You never know what they expect of you. What makes one happy makes another angry. You really just wish you could go home. but your Mama doesnt come back. Maybe she is sick and died. Maybe she was neglectful and social services said she couldnt be your parent. You are a child though and no one tells you these things. You miss your siblings. your favorite dress. Your friends from school. now everything has changed. Many children withdraw as the pain is too much to bear. some children are able to cope better than others with this change. Now imagine after a long time of this life in an orphanage someone comes and visits you. they are kind and speak nice words to you. they want to be your Mama and Papa. They want you to be their special girl or special boy. Many families would willingly and capably take on another child but they just cant afford the adoption process and travel. Please make a difference in a child's life and donate to Reeces Rainbow other angels. all monies donated go directly to Reeces Rainbow.

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