Tuesday, November 23, 2010


what will wait under your tree when you wake on Christmas morn? Do you know what waits an orphan? nothing. Santa doesnt visit orphanages you know. My own children tell me that they never received presents for Christmas while in the orphanage. What could be a better gift this year than a home for a child who is deemed unadoptable in his or her home country? Can't you donate just one dollar this season towards a child getting a home? its what an orphan needs more than any pair of socks or toy you might send. help make an orphan someone's beloved child and no longer an orphan.

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  1. Hello & Tashi Delek
    I was looking on the internet and found your blog. We are a group of Tibetan children who along with our teacher in Dharamsala India are fighting to keep Tibetan education and culture alive. Tibetan culture is in danger of disappearing and in India we are all refugees. Our teacher founded the Tibetan Children Educational project so that we could have the same opportunities for education as other children and go to Tibetan schools in Karnataka, Dharamsala and other parts of India. Our education is funded through donations however, we still need school books uniforms pens and other things. As refugee children we don't have money to buy those things and many of us are orphans so we dont have family or friends in India. We are looking for people who would be willing to make a small donation to our organisation. A small amount goes a long way in India so we are not asking for a lot, just enough for our school provisions. Please check out our blog and then you will read more about us. Thank you so much TCEP. http://www.tcep-2000.blogspot.com